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Presto consolidates diverse collections of information in different formats and locations into a single repository enabling social knowledge and networking.

Inmagic Presto is a Web-based enterprise application designed for information centres that need to centrally manage multiple collections of information in diverse formats and locations and make that information available to a wide audience.

Presto allows you to easily manage different content types and content collections. Selected content types are available or you can create your own. These might be internal reports, library resources, photographs, news feeds, URLs, submissions and proposals. They may be in varied formats such as pdfs, Word documents, images, PowerPoint presentations and physical objects.

Content can be organised into content collections or topics to reflect the way your organisation needs to access information. These collections can be browsed in a directory style folder structure, so that users can find content in the context of a taxonomy.

Searching (including keyword, proximity, Boolean and wild card) is on all content including full text and metadata. You can search across all content types or define specific types for searching. With WebFeat , federated searching of external data sources is also an option. Search displays can be tailored to each type of content, and acted on – e.g. emailed, downloaded or saved as an alert via an RSS feed.
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