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Inmagics text database product is a unique combination of a database and full text retrieval system.

TextWorks® is a text database product that enables clients to organise and deliver internal and external content sources on networks, intranets, extranets and the Web. Featuring unlimited and variable length fields, instant search speeds and a powerful report generator, TextWorks manages diverse types of information from text to images to multimedia objects.

TextWorks’ strength lies in its combination of a database management system and text retrieval system. Optimised to manage text within the structure of a database, you can pour as much information into any field as necessary, from a 50-word memo to a 50-page proposal. TextWorks fields can handle full text, metadata, dates, numbers, images and more.

Organisations who use TextWorks are a diverse community from government agencies to Fortune 500 clients. In New Zealand more than 250 organisations use TextWorks to manage documents, images, business intelligence, research, libraries, records and archives.

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