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The authorised New Zealand reseller of Inmagic text database software solutions, including DB/Text Works, DB/Text WebPublisher PRO, Genie and Presto.

Our clients include national and local government organisations, corporations, educational institutions, law firms, consultants and utilities. They use Inmagic software to organise and deliver internal and external content on networks, intranets, extranets and the Web.

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Inmagic Presto Chosen as a 2017 KMWorld Trend-setting Product

October 16th

Lucidea announces that Inmagic Presto has been selected as a Trend-Setting Product by KMWorld. Inmagic Presto Chosen as a 2017 KMWorld Trend-setting Product

Inmagic brand acquired by SydneyPlus

October 1st

SydneyPLUS and Inmagic, Inc. have announced the acquisition of Inmagic’s special library business by SydneyPLUS. The Inmagic special library business includes Inmagic’s DB/Text® Library Suite of products: DB/TextWorks®, DB/Text® WebPublisher Pro, and Inmagic® Genie. Additionally, the companies are announcing a strategic partnership to co-market and support Inmagic’s Presto for Social Libraries. Phillip Green, former Inmagic, […]